Site Policy

Site Policy

This website is operated by the Tokyo Trucking Association (TTA).
Please read the following terms of use prior to making use of this website, and use the website only if you agree to the conditions set out herein.
TTA may amend the terms of use at any time. In the event of such amendments, a revised version of the terms will be posted on this website. Kindly confirm the updated contents.

Restrictions on Use of Website Content

The material on this website is protected by the Copyright Act, treaties, and other laws. Use of the material, other than for personal use or as explicitly authorized by the laws, is forbidden (including reproducing, altering, uploading, posting, transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling, and publishing) unless authorized by TTA in advance in writing.


The acts listed below are prohibited when using this website:

  1. An act that infringes on or possibly infringes on a third party’s or TTA’s proprietary assets or privacy, etc.
  2. An act that causes or possibly causes a disadvantage or damage to a third party or to TTA
  3. An act that violates or may possibly violate public order and morals
  4. A criminal act or any act that is connected to or may lead to criminal activity
  5. Registration of another person’s e-mail address, or other false application or registration
  6. Sales activities or other acts for commercial purposes, or preparation to carry out such activities
  7. An act that defames the honor or trust of a third party or TTA
  8. An act that uses or distributes computer viruses or other harmful programs, or has the potential to do so
  9. Other acts that violate or may violate laws, ordinances, and bylaws
  10. Other acts TTA deems inappropriate


Links to this website are permitted in principle.
However, this shall not apply if the material makes any note of restrictions, etc. on the creation of such links.
*As much as possible, please place the link to the top page of this website.


While TTA makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the contents contained in this website, under no circumstances is this guaranteed or warranted by TTA. Even if the contents thereof are found to be erroneous, TTA expressly disclaims all liability. Additionally, please note the material contained in this website is subject to change without notice.

TTA shall not be liable for any damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. resulting from the use of services provided on pages available only to members, or resulting from the inability to use these services.

Please note that TTA disclaims all responsibility for the disappearance and loss, etc. of your data as a result of the failure of and troubles with the equipment providing the said services as well as impediments to the communication line, etc.

Please note that due to system failures, etc., your e-mail may not reach TTA or the receipt of the e-mail may be delayed. TTA shall not be liable whatsoever for the non-delivery and delay as well as associated damages.


Please note that the contents of this website may be amended or deleted without notice.

Recommended Environment

Recommended browser
Internet Explorer 7 or later
Firefox 3.0 or later

This website may be inaccessible or may not display properly if the environment is not the recommended environment, or even under the recommended environment, depending on the settings of your web browser. In such events, we recommend that you update your browser to the latest version.

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