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About Tokyo Trucking Association's Green-Eco Project

 The Tokyo Trucking Association (TTA) launched the Green-Eco Project in 2006. It is a new project encompassing unique CO2 reduction measures designed to prevent global warming.
 This project develops a database of fuel consumption data collected for every vehicle, which is then used to undertake initiatives for promoting and supporting sustainable eco-driving, reducing CO2 emissions and costs associated with improved fuel consumption, and preventing traffic accidents.
 As the ultimate goal, the Green-Eco Project strives to increase "green" awareness and promote "corporate environmental responsibility (improved management by promoting a cleaner environment)" through the social contribution and social responsibility activities of each and every manager, administrator, driver, and worker.
 To this end, TTA holds seminars and workshops to increase the know-how of stakeholders. Environment-related materials and materials to increase the motivation of drivers are provided, as well as support to encourage stakeholders' active engagement in environmental issues.
 TTA believes that continuing these activities will lead to the following four improvements, and in turn, to "corporate environmental responsibility."

Practical tools for the Project

Example:A poster
Example:A poster
"Have us for the future"
"CO2discharge restraint"

All starts with a piece of paper and pencil

 The Green-Eco Project starts with filling in by hand the single sheet of paper titled, "Driving Management Table," the gasoline amount and travelling distance for every month. Based on each vehicle's data (vehicle weight, used fuel, etc.), a database is created from the fuel consumption data collected and derived from the Driving Management Table. This information serves as the basis for determining CO2 emission amounts, among other data. Drivers, by inputting fuel consumption data into the Driving Management Table, gradually develop awareness about their own fuel consumptions. The Driving Management Table will become a communication tool among drivers, and will lead to an improved environment within the company. Additionally, driving with an awareness about fuel consumption will contribute to eco-driving, and furthermore, to a reduction in traffic accidents. The Driving Management Table will provide accurate data, and this will in turn serve as a tool for management improvement.

Simple educational technique

Simple educational technique

Assessment of Green-Eco Project

 The Green-Eco Project has been commended for generating an array of outcomes. By implementing seminars for managers and administrators and providing support for establishing an environment and system conducive to worker and driver education, the project has improved fuel consumption through the promotion of eco-driving, mitigated global warming by reducing CO2 emissions, and reduced traffic accidents. The Green-Eco Project was introduced as Japan's leading eco-driving initiative at a side event of COP15 (Fifteen Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) held in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009. Furthermore, TAA presented the Green-Eco Project to a world audience at the Fifth Regional EST (Environmentally Sustainable Transport) Forum in Asia held in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2010 as a case study of a leading environmental initiative of Japan.
Additionally, the Green-Eco Project has received the following environment-related awards to date:

December 2008
Minister of the Environment's Award (for Global Warming Prevention Activities and Countermeasures)
July 2009
Tokyo Governor's Award for the Environment
June 2010
Kanto District Transport Bureau's Award (for Environmental Protection)
June 2010
11th Freight Environment Award (The Award for Education and Enlightenment) presented by the Japan Federation of Freight Industries comprised of ground, sea, and air freight operators
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