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Organization of TTA

The Tokyo Trucking Association (TTA) has established committees, along with taskforces and specialized taskforces, to undertake a wide array of activities that aim to modernize TTA’s member organizations, promote traffic safety and pollution control, advance welfare, and enhance the services offered to Tokyo residents and service users.

Deliberation Committees
Tokyo Subsidy Program Deliberation Committee Good Practices Program Deliberation Committee
Standing Committees
General Affairs Committee Freight Transport Committee
Labor Welfare Committee Taxation and Finance Committee
Materials and Fuel Committee Accident Prevention Committee
Management Information Committee Environment Committee
Publicity Committee  
Special Committees
Committee for Reviewing the Subsidy Program’s Implementation Plan Proposal Modernization Fund Steering Committee
Review Committee on Basic Issues of Human Resources Development Good Practices Program Advisory Committee
Committee on Good Practices Program Implementing Organization Distribution Policy Special Committee
Review Committee for Emergency Transport System Subcommittee for Review of Driver’s Contest
Sogo Kaikan Steering Committee Kasai Distribution Facility Committees
Card Locker Parking Lot Committee  
Taskforces and Specialized Taskforces
Iron and Steel Specialized Taskforce Timber Specialized Taskforce
Dump Specialized Taskforce Fresh Concrete Specialized Taskforce
Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Ward Office Specialized Taskforce Heavy Goods Specialized Taskforce
Tank Truck Specialized Taskforce Food Specialized Taskforce
Cement Specialized Taskforce Food and Liquor Specialized Taskforce
Transaction Business Specialized Taskforce Publishing, Printing, and Binding
Paper and Pulp Specialized Taskforce Construction Specialized Taskforce
Raw Food Specialized Taskforce Freight Container Specialized Taskforce
Steel Structure and Bridge Specialized Taskforce Parcel Delivery Specialized Taskforce
Moving Specialized Taskforce  
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