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Description of Organization

The freight transport business is a highly public industry. Today, when truck transport accounts for a significant share of the freight transport business, the trucking industry bears heavy social responsibilities, including the responsibility to facilitate smooth freight distribution, to ensure convenient services for Tokyo residents and service users, and to transport relief supplies in times of emergencies, such as major earthquakes as well as windstorms and flooding.
On the other hand, the trucking industry is deeply linked with traffic accidents and traffic pollution issues, and is expected to make consistent efforts to address these issues.
Relying only on individual businesses to tackle these issues is not, however, anticipated to yield sufficient outcomes. It is incumbent that the Tokyo Trucking Association (TTA) endeavors to communicate with relevant organizations, coordinates the opinions of the industry, and demonstrates appropriate leadership and initiative.
As such, TTA undertakes wide-ranging activities, including programs that aim to modernize TTA’s member organizations, promote traffic safety and pollution control, advance welfare, and enhance the services offered to Tokyo residents and service users. As the government-designated organization for promoting proper trucking safety practices in Tokyo, TTA also endeavors to prevent driving habits that hinder the safety of freight transport. In addition, TTA carries out human resources trainings and efforts to secure human resources through the Tokyo Trucking Business Professional Development Foundation, as well as advances social welfare activities through the Tokyo Foundation for Children Orphaned from Truck Accidents.


As of the end of May 2011

General members: 3,620
Special members: 2
Group members: Tokyo Environmental Preservation Association; Tokyo Route Association

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