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We, the commercial trucking industry, which operates businesses by making use of the roads, are carrying out a variety of programs to exist in harmony with society, including initiatives that promote environmental conservation and traffic accident prevention.
In order to preserve our precious Earth, protect nature which gives us a sense of comfort, and sustain this major city in which many people are living, as well as support industry activities and our daily livelihood, we in the industry, as a lifeline for the capital city of Tokyo, are consistently mindful of environmental conservation and traffic safety and are working as one to advance related research and efforts.
Furthermore, in addition to the industry economy and the transport of daily commodities, transporting food, medicine, and rehabilitation supplies to the affected areas in the aftermath of natural disasters and other emergencies is also an essential role of commercial trucks. The Tokyo Trucking Association thus carries out a variety of activities to be prepared, and stands ready to transport supplies during an emergency.

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  • Environmental initiatives
  • Traffic safety and emergency transport initiatives
  • Improving freight transport services
  • Improving management infrastructure
October 25, 1966
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